The older I get, the greater my desire grows to understand consciousness, and in particular how we as individuals can cultivate a society of positive consciousness based on multiple pathways and world views, including those that have historically been perceived as contradictory or mutually exclusive, like scientific reason and spirituality.

As science and technology continue to develop at an increasingly rapid pace, many scientific theories are beginning to come full-circle in regards to our understanding of how the universe works, and how we are connected to it and to each other, linking ancient philosophies and beliefs with modern documented ‘evidence’. These theories, and their implications for humanity and the world at large, are what interest me most and what I hope to focus on in my work and in my blog on this site.

As a social scientist with a background in marine ecology and environmental policy, I am a strong proponent of interdisciplinary thinking. More recently, I’ve transitioned from academia to work in the non-profit world on topics connected to self-realization, wellbeing, and sustainability in the context of self, community, and world. Whether making decisions on how to protect a species in the ocean or hypothesizing where consciousness comes from, there is true value in exploring (and respecting) multiple perspectives.

Join me in exploring some of the most compelling issues of our time while perhaps considering alternative theories and points of view. I look forward to a mutual expansion of understanding and awareness. I encourage you to reach out if you are looking to collaborate on projects related to science communication, social-ecological resilience, sustainable living, and the intersections of science and society.