Resume and More

Who am I? Many, many things. But here are a few of my interests, skills, and experiences for those interested in collaborating or working with me.

  • An academic — I have 15+ years experience in academia, including as a PhD trained research scientist (emphasis on conservation and environmental management), a lecturer of environmental studies, and a science communication specialist.
  • A writer — I have been writing for my entire life, but have specific training in journalism, creative non-fiction, and science writing. I have experience in writing press releases, science/academic blogs, peer-reviewed research papers, book chapters, and more. I’m currently working on a book about some of the interesting history of oceanography.
  • An editor — I love editing! I was the weirdo who loved working on my thesis, and editing my peer’s work as well. I have mentored university students in writing/editing, and have acted as an editor for scientists, researchers, and academics in a number of capacities for over 10 years.
  • A researcher — Not just in the traditional academic sense (though I’ve done plenty of that). I’m passionate about understanding topics thoroughly and accurately, and am willing to take the time to dive deep into subjects in order to do so. I am well-versed in finding reputable sources and synthesizing research for more comprehensive understanding.
  • An activist — I am passionate about supporting causes that are important to me, including animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and social justice. I believe in hands-on, grassroots work, whether it is planting an organic garden, writing a letter to the editor, or marching against a pipeline (though I am a believer in finding common ground and showing empathy).
  • A “Late bloomer” — I love to try new things, even if I feel like I should have started them much earlier in life. Lately I’ve re-booted my love for horse training and riding, started roller skating, and am learning to overcome imposter syndrome and embrace my strengths while enjoying building new ones.

For more details about my professional experience, view my CV below (feel free to reach out to me for more info).