Manifesting Universes

We are each manifesting a universe, a potential brewing within ourselves
Packed into infinitely small space, moments from bursting
In an explosion of blinding light and matter ignited by the unbearable intermingling
Of deepest joy and deepest suffering, until our skin is torn apart and
Our innards are spread across the galaxy we’ve created in a great sigh of relief.
We birth a world held together by indescribable strength, force, intention, and release.
And then (because now moments and time exist) we stand aghast
Unbelieving at what we have just created
A complete world filled with our own pain, sorrow, joy, and bliss,
Swirling together into physical bodies that will play out these emotions in innumerable stories
Until one day, every last atom has experienced every possible variation of joy and sorrow,
And peacefully dissolves back into itself
Melts away once again into a potentiality, as if crawling back into a womb
Where everything and nothing already exists, has existed, and will exist,
And we already know all of it.
Until we forget again.